Today’s List of Paid Apps That Are Free at the Play Store Including Retro Pixel and More

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Some free apps and games.

Stone Of Souls 2: Stone Parts

I found the first necromancer on the east, deep in catacombs of old castle. He was not waiting for me, so I got Stone of Souls quite easily. But as soon as I got it, I felt that it was only one part of the artifact, I have to find another three pieces to gather these relics into one artifact and stop all the madmen who summon evil spirits from the world of dead.

Download Stone Of Souls 2: Stone Parts

Taxi Driver 2019

-Ultra realistic graphics-
-realistic car physics-
-Unlimited customers-
-Cocpic camera angle-
-Too many types of cars-

Download Taxi Driver 2019

Surface Trimino: increase the area

2 grid sizes: both grid sizes don't only change the pleasure of gaming. It also changes the game mechanics and the strategy.
3 game modes: select a fixed area target (7 or 10), or spice a bit the game with the challenge game mode. In the challenge one, the area target increases regularly... but surely. If you like the first game mode, you can unlock the others by watching a small rewarded video.
Scores board: share your best results with your friends. Can you beat them?
Color-blind friendly: Surface Trimino uses a color palette that is colorblind friendly for those with impaired color vision. Surface Trimino is relaxing your eyes.

Download Surface Trimino: increase the area

Retro Pixel

- Over 90 levels
- Extra unlocks and game modes
- Emulated CRT effects for that perfect retro feeling
- Great 8-bit soundtrack
- High difficulty
- Leaderboards

Download Retro Pixel

Todo Reminder Pro + Widget

• Create tasks with title, description, due date and image
• Resizable, interactive widget for your home screen
• Mark tasks directly on the widget
• Be reminded
• Backup function
• Use shortcut buttons in the notifications
• Share your tasks
• Modern design

Download Todo Reminder Pro + Widget

Logarithm Calculator Pro

This app is the pro version of 'Logarithm Calculator'. Completely without advertisement!

This is a math calculator, which is able to calculate the logarithm for a number to a base. You can also choose the base.

The best mathematical tool for school and college! If you are a student, it will helps you to learn algebra.

Download Logarithm Calculator Pro

Nudge - Block Distracting Apps

Addicting apps will draw you in and before you know it, you'll find yourself opening them reflexively. You open your phone and 15 minutes later you realize you've just been scrolling through some feed.

There are always going to be times you're bored and want to pull out your phone. The trick to beating phone addiction is to redirect that energy in the moment of need. Instead of mindlessly scrolling, read a book or take a deep breath.

Nudge breaks the habit cycle by intercepting and redirecting you right before you start using an addicting app. It provides an easier alternative to do something positive.

Download Nudge - Block Distracting Apps

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