Early Snapdragon 875 Benchmarks Surface – Slower Than A13 Bionic in Single-Core Performance, Marginally Beats It in Multi-Core Results

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Early Snapdragon 875 Benchmarks Surface - Slower Than A13 Bionic in Single-Core Performance, Marginally Beats It in Multi-Core Results

We’re still several weeks away from the Snapdragon Tech Summit virtual event slated to start from December 1, and that’s the day when the Snapdragon 875 is expected to be unveiled. Thankfully, before that announcement takes place, our readers are probably eager to know how Qualcomm’s first 5nm chipset will perform right? A tipster has shared the first performance results and while they look promising, we’ll advise you to keep an open mind.

Snapdragon 875 Comfortably Beats Snapdragon 865 in Both Single and Multi-Core Performance Results, Which Isn’t Surprising to Hear

The results posted by Digital Chat Station are much different than Ice Universe’s impression of the chipset has formed into. That’s because he published a tweet, stating that the Snapdragon 875 had a tremendous opportunity to beat Apple’s A14 Bionic this year. If you take a look at the latest scores from an engineering sample running Qualcomm’s new chipset, the benchmarking app used was Geekbench 4, because according to DCS, Geekbench 5 wasn’t able to run on the handset in question.

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This makes it difficult for early Snapdragon 875 results to be compared with the A14 Bionic. Fortunately, since A13 Bionic-fueled devices like the iPhone 11 were benchmarked using Geekbench 4, we’ll be comparing what the Snapdragon 875 obtained compared to last year’s chipset from Apple. Given below are the comparison details and we’ve also included the Snapdragon 865 numbers just to see how Qualcomm’s upcoming silicon would fare in terms of a performance gain.

Snapdragon 875

  • Single-core - 4,900+ Multi-core - 14,000+

Snapdragon 865

  • Single-core - 4,300+ Multi-core - 13,000+

A13 Bionic

  • Single-core - 5472 Multi-core - 13769

These results show that the Snapdragon 875 failed to overtake the A13 Bionic from last year, while only marginally beating it in the multi-core test results. Then again, we’ll have to remind you that since this is an engineering sample that was apparently tested, a significant number of optimizations would be needed, so we’ll be comparing these numbers again when the first Snapdragon 875-powered commercial smartphones have officially launched in 2021.

Just a reminder than the A14 Bionic running in the iPad Air 4 not only made short work of Snapdragon 865 Plus in a previously leaked compute benchmark, but its GPU was 72 percent faster than the A13 Bionic GPU while also beating the A12Z Bionic in the process. This may reveal that the Snapdragon 875 will have a mountain to climb if it has even a sliver of a chance of taking the lead against Apple’s 5nm silicon. Like always, we’ll be here to provide our readers with the latest figures and comparisons, so stay tuned.

News Source: Digital Chat Station

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