Share Routing Directions Using Maps on Windows 10 – Tips & Tricks

Support for universal apps is one of the most notable features of Windows 10. These apps run on both the desktop and mobile devices and include the refreshed Maps apps too. Maps app on Windows includes local search data, voice-guided navigation, and street and satellite views among other features mixing up the highlights of Bing Maps and Nokia's HERE maps.

One useful feature of Maps app on Windows 10 is the ability to quickly share directions with other people. No more using the routing services or taking screenshots of the apps to share directions with others. Now, you can easily share the directions with anyone using various apps including Mail and social media networking apps. Here's how to share directions with someone using Maps on Windows 10.

How to share directions on Maps Windows 10:

Following are the few simple steps to easily share routing directions with your friends.

  • Open Maps app on your Windows 10 desktop or tablet.
  • Click on Directions in the left pane.
  • Plan your route basing it on start and end points.
  • When you have planned your route, you will see the Windows 10 share icon just below the estimated time. Click on the Share icon. windows 10 maps
  • Windows sharing pane will now open on the right-side of the screen giving you various options to share the directions. You will get to use Mail app, social apps and OneNote among other choices to share the directions. share directions on windows 10
  • Ta da; it was that simple.

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