Samsung Just Trademarked Mystery Display Technology for the Galaxy S11

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The Galaxy Note 10, for all its good things, still lacked a high refresh rate screen—a feature that now being increasingly adopted by several manufacturers. It appears that Samsung doesn't want to repeat the same mistake with the Galaxy S11 series. Rumors indicate that the 2020 flagship will come with a 120 Hz screen, along with a 108-megapixel camera.

A high refresh-rate panel shouldn't be too hard to pull off, especially for the likes of Samsung. Not only does it bring them on par with competitors such as OnePlus and Google, but it also gives them to market the Galaxy S11 as a 'gaming smartphone', something Samsung has been doing since the Galaxy Note 9. Today, Dutch publication Letsgodigital stumbled upon a patent filing that sheds some light on a new AMOLED panel.

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Samsung just filed patents for a SAMOLED panel; will likely make its debut on the Galaxy S11


Prima Facie, the S in the SAMOLED could stand for 'super' AMOLED. The problem is, that technology has been around for quite some time. Super AMOLED panels made their debut alongside the original Galaxy Note. The application categorized this as display-related technology so it is reasonable to assume that that is an improvement over their AMOLED screens.

What the letter S here stands for here is anybody's guess, and we'll have to wait until next year until the Galaxy S11 drops to find out. We can also expect the panel to find its way inside the yet-to-be-released Galaxy Fold 2.

The patent filing prophesizes Samsung's plans for screen technology, as it has done so in the past. A similar patent for Samsung's now popular 'dynamic AMOLED' was filed last year before the Galaxy S10 made its way to the market. Furthermore, the patent description calls it an 'OLED display; smartphone display; monitor; television screen; digital signage; computer screen,' so we could even see it on other electronics.

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