New Samsung ‘Space Zoom’ Trademark for the Galaxy S11 Once More Highlights the Camera Potential of Upcoming Flagship


There’s lots more news surrounding the Galaxy S11, and once again, it has to do with a trademark filing. It certainly looks like Samsung wants the Galaxy S11 camera to be a massive reason for customers to upgrade their existing smartphone, which is something that was hinted by a tipster a while back. A new trademark filing titled ‘Super Zoom’ brings all the other previous rumors of the Galaxy S11 camera come to life.

‘Super Zoom’ Could Indicate Impressive Lossless Zoom Capabilities From the Galaxy S11 Camera

Earlier this week, the Galaxy S11 camera was codenamed ‘Hubble’ indicating new levels of zoom for the future flagship lineup. Fun fact; Hubble was the first optical telescope to ever go to space, so it makes sense for Samsung to allegedly use it when describing the Galaxy S11 camera. Now, according to paperwork filed for the EUIPO, or European Union Intellectual Property Office, it describes the nature of the ‘Super Zoom’ trademark.

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“Design and development of computer software; Image processing software design; Software as a service [SaaS]; Software as a service [SaaS] featuring software to zoom in to a subject without lowering image quality.”

While the aforementioned description may imply that the Galaxy S11 camera might feature 5x optical zoom as previously rumored, Samsung might also rely on the use of software processing to curb the diminishing effects when using digital zoom to capture an image or video. Google’s Super Res Zoom feature makes this possible on its current smartphones and it looks as if Samsung might have something similar in the works.

What Other Galaxy S11 Camera Features Can We Expect?

It’s rumored that the primary Galaxy S11 will include Samsung’s 108MP ISOCELL Bright HMX sensor but unfortunately, there’s no word on the other sensors. What we do know is that Samsung has reportedly kicked off software development for all three Galaxy S11 models and this will most likely include tailoring the camera UI. It’s also rumored that Samsung is actively looking for a way to introduce advance facial recognition on its phones, but according to the latest development, looks like that feature may be reserved for the Galaxy Note 11 line.

Other details include a possible Galaxy S11 launch during February 2020, and if that’s true, then it’s no wonder why the leaks and rumors have started to flow much earlier than usual. Regardless, we’ll continue to relay more information to our readers, so stay tuned for more.

News Source: EUIPO