Samsung Galaxy S6 to be the First Smartphone to Flaunt 4GB of RAM – Sammy Confirms

Rafia Shaikh

We heard some rumors earlier that indicated that Samsung Galaxy S6 might be the first Android smartphone to feature 4 gigabytes of RAM. While there was a certain hush over the matter in last two months, Samsung has in a way confirmed this in a recent announcement.

Galaxy S6 4GB RAM confirmed?

Samsung Galaxy S6 is going to feature 4GB of RAM - something that is confirmed by Sammy itself. Korean tech giant made an announcement earlier this week disclosing that it has gear started mass production of the first 4GB LPDDR4 mobile DRAM modules for smartphones and tablets. This upcoming chip will be twice as efficient as a typical DDR3 DRAM and will support continuous shooting of high-res 20-megapixel+ images along with UDH video recording and playback. This two times faster DRAM seems like quite an improvement for smartphone cameras.

Along with being efficient, faster and camera-booster, LPDDR4 is also energy efficient as its 1.1V makes the DRAM one of the lowest power memory available for mobile devices. This energy efficiency will help the RAM up the ante in performance while not taking a toll on the battery life too.

While this kind of DRAM will see itself being features in smartphones, tablets and super laptops, it is expected that Samsung Galaxy S6 would be the first flaunt this super-powering chip. As the Galaxy S flagship is the first major device to come in 2015, it is only natural to assume it keeping the best features that Samsung has already started working on. Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Edge and other high-end device will follow the tracks.

Source of Samsung Galaxy S6 4GB RAM: TechRadar

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