Galaxy S21 Will Not Include Earphones or Charger in the Box, Just Like the iPhone 12 Series

Omar Sohail
Galaxy S21 Will Not Include Earphones or Charger in the Box, Just Like the iPhone 12 Series

It had to happen one way or another, and it looks like according to the latest report, Samsung is taking the ‘Apple route’ by excluding to pair up wired earphones as well as a charger with the Galaxy S21 series. Just like the iPhone 12 range, the Galaxy S21 lineup will likely be the first from Samsung to exclude these accessories from the box.

Samsung May Still Bundle a USB-C Cable With the Galaxy S21, but the Decision Is Still Pending

According to a report from the South Korean media, Samsung isn’t taking everything away from customers. The company might still be bundling a USB-C cable with the Galaxy S21 lineup, but according to the report, the decision is yet to be taken. Additionally, it’s not confirmed if all Galaxy S21 models or a single one will exclude these accessories. Bear in mind that we’re expected to see a total of three models during early January next year; the regular Galaxy S21, the Galaxy S21 Plus and the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

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Just like Apple, who has excluded the bundling of wired EarPods and a charger with the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, Samsung’s marketing campaign might be focused on reducing electronic waste. However, just yesterday, a report came out stating that Apple might have made the move in order to boost the sales of its AirPods line, as well as the relatively affordable Beats, Flex that it unveiled for $49.99 shortly after the iPhone 12 unveiling went live. Samsung might want to achieve the same goal, seeing as how its smartphone arm didn’t do particularly well this year, especially in the high-end segment.

Do keep in mind that Samsung was rumored to get rid of the charger before, so it’s not like this news should hit us hard. Also, most of the power bricks bundled with Samsung’s premium smartphone family didn’t deliver the maximum supported wattage for these handsets and customers had to purchase them separately for a high price. Take the Galaxy S20 Ultra for example; Samsung only bundles a 25W charger with its packaging, but the flagship actually supports 45W of fast charging.

In order to deliver this much wattage, customers have to purchase a separate accessory from Samsung and with the rumored route the Korean giant might take, it looks like you’ll have to repeat the process all over again, this time with the Galaxy S21 series.

News Source: Chosun

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