Galaxy S21 is Launching Early in the January of Next Year

Furqan Shahid
Galaxy S21 is Launching Early in the January of Next Year

Only yesterday we talked about how Samsung might be unveiling the Galaxy S21 earlier this year in order to meet the competition head-on and gain some momentum and now we have news that the company might finally go ahead and release the Galaxy S21 in the early January next year. For those who do not know, Samsung usually had the release pattern where they would announce the phone in February, and the phones would hit the shelves in March but that seems to be changing now.

If this is true, then Samsung might announce the Galaxy S21 series in December, and based on the release patterns, the phone could hit the shelves in January.

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Samsung is Capitalizing on Huawei's Misfortune by Releasing the Galaxy S21 Early

Now there have been conflicting reports as to why Samsung wants to do that; the first time we heard this, it was because the Galaxy S20 series did not sell well but the recent report suggests that Samsung is taking advantage and capitalizing on the fact that Huawei is pretty absent from the flagship scene, and the Android future for Huawei is still lingering around.

There is also speculation that Samsung is trying to create a gap between the Galaxy S21 series and the Fan Edition smartphone that will be released later in 2021, considering how Samsung talked about releasing more Fan Edition smartphones in the future.

The source confirms that Samsung is eying an early January late December announcement followed by a late January release. We don't have our hands on any dates as such but if this information is concrete, then we might get our hands on some more information in the near future.

Honestly speaking, as a Samsung user and speaking for other Samsung users, this could upset a lot of people who have just bought their Galaxy Note 20 devices or even the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition. However, we are still not sure if Samsung is going to go with this release timeline, but let's wait and see.

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