Galaxy S11 Camera Codename May Imply It Will Arrive With Improved Lossless Zoom Features


Last month, the South Korean media reported that Samsung is all set to receive test sockets to test the periscope unit of the Galaxy S11 camera. In recent months, plenty of reports have indicated that the next Galaxy S series flagships will offer 5x zoom, which will be a significant upgrade from the 2x zoom offered by its current high-end phones. The Dutch blog GalaxyClub has now dug up some new information regarding the phone.

New Information Related to the Galaxy S11 Camera Suggests It Is Codenamed ‘Hubble’

Apparently, the Galaxy S11 camera is codenamed ‘Hubble,’ which if you recall is the first optical telescope to ever go to space. So far, it has captured many amazing pictures and if Samsung has named the Galaxy S11 shooter after it, we can expect it to be unprecedented, as reported before. Although a 5x optical zoom will be a significant upgrade on its own, OPPO and Huawei have already introduced it on their phones.

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Thus, we believe that rumors doing rounds about the Galaxy S11 camera having a new 108MP sensor might have some substance too. The Galaxy S10 has a 12MP main sensor and Samsung doesn’t use high-resolution sensors for its flagships. However, it seems that’s about to change next year. A camera system with a 108MP camera and 5x optical zoom will be able to churn out high-quality images and live up to its Hubble codename, provided it’s supplemented with the right software.

An earlier tip came from a somewhat trusted leaker Ice Universe who says there is a high probability that the Galaxy S11 camera system will use a new 108MP sensor. Samsung and Xiaomi had earlier announced a 108MP sensor that will apparently grace the upcoming Mi Note 10. Instead of using that same sensor, the South Korean giant has supposedly decided to make a tweak to make its phones stand out.

Since none of these Galaxy S11 camera specifications have been confirmed by Samsung, there is no way of knowing if they are actually true. However, based on the past, although the 5x zoom does sound like a possibility, we aren’t so sure about the 108MP unit.

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News Source: GalaxyClub