Samsung DeX Companion App for the Galaxy Note 10 Now Live

Anil Ganti
Samsung DeX Live patent connect displays wirelessly

At the Galaxy Note 10 launch event, Samsung shed some light on the future of DeX. Until now,  Samsung DeX wouldn't work without a bulky module that had to be purchased separately. Starting with the Galaxy Note 10, it is now possible to run DeX as a window on your desktop. All you need is a dedicated app on your desktop, and that's rolling out, starting today. It is available for Windows and macOS.

To get started, simply connect your phone to your PC/Mac via a USB cable and launch the software. It has all the features of older versions of DeX and even allows you to easily transfer content from your computer to your phone. It is as simple as a drag and drops gesture from the host device to the destination. Oh, and there's clipboard sharing too. DeX also lets you copy and paste text between your handset and desktop. The app also mirrors your phone's notifications on your computer, which avoids having to switch from one device to the other. I've had a little hands-on with the app, and it's been working well, for the most part.

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Most apps and games natively support keyboard and mouse inputs. This should come as a boon to mobile gamers as they'll be able to leverage the superiority of keyboard and mouse controls. Bluetooth controllers, on the other hand, are not detected for some reason. The DeX PC app is compatible only with the Galaxy Note 10 series. It won’t work with the Galaxy Note 9 or Galaxy S10 lineup. We wouldn't rule out the possibility of older devices getting this functionality with the Android 10-based One UI 2.0 update. I haven't had the chance to dive deep into the app just yet. Watch this space for an in-depth piece on what the app can and cannot do.

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