Galaxy Note 10 Plus’ 12GB RAM Helps It Marginally Beat the iPhone 11 Pro Max in Latest Speed Test

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iPhone 11 Pro Max Speed Test Shows It’s Slower Than Galaxy Note 10 Plus

The top-tier model of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 Plus offers a whopping 12GB RAM and a very capable Snapdragon 855. This would make the device one of the most powerful Android flagships right now, but how will it fare in the latest iPhone 11 Pro Max speed test? Turns out pretty well, and if we were to guess, we’d state that the hefty amount of RAM for the Note 10 Plus came in very handy this time.

iOS 13.1 Update Couldn’t Help iPhone 11 Pro Max This Time, Even After Apple Stated It Could Open up Apps 2x Faster Than iOS 12

The last time an app-launching speed test was carried out, the iPhone 11 Pro failed to overtake last year’s iPhone XS, but it was most likely due to bugs present in iOS 13.0. With iOS 13.1 officially running on the majority of current and last-gen devices, PhoneBuff decided to see which flagship would come out in this iPhone 11 Pro Max speed test. Just a reminder, Apple’s massive 6.5-inch handset sports an A13 Bionic, which is the fastest SoC powering a smartphone, coupled with 4GB of LPDDR4x RAM, according to previous leaks.

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Between the iPhone 11 Pro Max and the Galaxy Note 10 Plus, there’s a difference of 8GB RAM, and the results speak for themselves, but only just. Initially, the iPhone 11 Pro Max speed test shows that Apple’s 6.5-inch crown jewel took the lead against the Galaxy Note 10 Plus, opening up apps quicker and performing some editing tasks much faster as a result of running the A13 Bionic.

Since the iPhone 11 Pro Max wasn’t able to keep demanding apps like Adobe Rush running in the background during the second lap, it allowed its rival handset to make up for lost time, and in the end, the Galaxy Note 10 Plus finished with a 6-second lead over its competitor. While the end result of the iPhone 11 Pro Max speed test shows that Samsung’s flagship came out on top, the winner could have been either one of the two considering that the difference was of a few seconds.

While the iPhone 11 Pro Max may provide a consistent and fluid OS experience in regular real-world use, bragging rights go to the Galaxy Note 10 Plus for now.

Image Credits: PhoneBuff

News Source: YouTube (PhoneBuff)

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