Samsung Reportedly Bringing Custom CPUs Back in the Fold With ARM’s Help; New GPUs With AMD Also in the Works


Samsung apparently had two custom Mongoose cores in development for 2021 and 2022 that would have found their way in future Exynos chipsets. Unfortunately, the Korean giant had to scrap those plans as it shut down its custom core development facility in Austin, Texas. However, don’t expect the company to call it quits just yet because a new report claims that an all-new custom CPU and GPU solution is being worked on, but Samsung most likely cannot do it alone, so the giant is rumored to have partnered with ARM and AMD to make this possible.

New Custom CPU Will Be Based on ARM’s Cortex-X Architecture; Earlier GPU Rumors Talked About Using AMD’s RDNA Architecture

A report from Business Korea mentions details of a new strategic partnership between Samsung, ARM, and AMD, and together, the three are expected to develop a new SoC that will rival Qualcomm. Right now, Samsung’s flagship chipset, the Exynos 990 is unable to outperform the Snapdragon 865 and Snapdragon 865 Plus in both performance and efficiency so Samsung has a lot of ground to cover here.

AMD Patents Automatic Memory Overclocking Tool For Ryzen CPUs

The report states that Samsung’s custom CPU will be based on ARM’s Cortex-X architecture, the same one that the Snapdragon 875 is rumored to use for the development of its next-generation Kryo CPU. Compared to the previous Cortex-A series of processors, the new custom CPU could deliver up to a 30 percent increase in performance. The report also suggests that competition between Samsung and Qualcomm will heat up in 2021, meaning that we can expect the new Exynos silicon to arrive next year.

There are also rumors that Samsung is using its 5nm technology to develop the Exynos 1000, but it’s not confirmed if this and the new solution are one and the same. However, a leaked benchmark revealed an unnamed Samsung chipset paired with an AMD GPU beating the Snapdragon 865’s Adreno 650 in a series of benchmarking tests, so whatever the company is working on, it appears to be headed in the right direction.

Samsung also reportedly wants to surpass Qualcomm by upgrading the neural processing units (NPUs) and communication modems used for the Exynos line of chipsets. The company will aim to make this possible by ramping up the number of hired personnel to ten-times the workforce by 2030. This certainly sounds like an ambitious plan by Samsung and we look forward to seeing this custom Exynos solution taking on the Snapdragon 875 in 2021.

News Source: Business Korea