Samsung Reportedly Had Two Custom Mongoose Cores in the Development Pipeline for a 2021, 2022 Release


Samsung’s latest chipset to feature the company’s high-performance Mongoose core is the Exynos 990, which is found in the company’s Galaxy S20 series. Unfortunately, a string of problems ranging from overheating, camera autofocus and from the Galaxy S20 Ultra featuring Exynos 990 means Samsung’s custom Mongoose cores need more than just a fair bit of tuning. It turns out that Samsung was already invested in its custom core development sector because according to a few LinkedIn profiles, the Korean giant had two generations of Mongoose cores in the pipeline.

Mongoose M6 and M7 Were Apparently on Track for a 2021 and 2022 Release, Respectively

Four LinkedIn profiles spotted by Android Authority reveal that Samsung was working on the M6 and M7 Mongoose custom cores. The M6 would probably have been a part of the Galaxy S21, an upcoming flagship series for 2021 that’s rumored to feature an under-screen camera that also supports OIS. The seventh-generation Mongoose core would probably show up in 2022, at least according to the image below.

A Samsung Phone is Once Again America’s Favorite

This shows that Samsung was prepared to continue development for at least two generations. Unfortunately, luck didn’t favor the company as lots of users reported the Snapdragon 865 being superior to the Exynos 990 in efficiency and performance. The results of the Exynos 990 are so staggeringly poor, that Samsung’s employees had no choice but to sell Snapdragon 865 variants of the Galaxy S20 family in Samsung’s home market of South Korea, a region that’s populated by only Exynos chipsets. The team behind the decision was reportedly humiliated for their actions, but can you blame them?

With Samsung’s custom core development facility in Austin, Texas been shut down, it’s highly likely that the company will rely on high-performance ARM cores instead of the M6 and M7 Mongoose variants. Therefore, the rumored Exynos 1000, which is said to be made using Samsung’s 5nm node could very well be powered by the ARM Cortex-A78.

We still have high hopes from Samsung and hopefully, it will continue to do some form of research and trial runs on future Mongoose cores before they are ready for prime time.

News Source: Android Authority