[UPDATE] Rocksteady Reportedly Working on a GaaS Type of Game About a Group of Superheroes

Alessio Palumbo


Game Director and Co-Founder Sefton Hill confirmed this evening that Rocksteady won't be at The Game Awards, and the game they're working on is indeed not based on Superman.

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Rocksteady or, more specifically, their next secret project of a game, has been the source of countless rumors and speculations over the past year or so. The latest one originated by a listing posted on Game System Requirements, which suggested Rocksteady is making a game called 'Superman: World's Finest'. However, in the latest Kotaku Splitscreen podcast, Jason Schreier, who is well known to have sources among the industry's top developers and publishers, said he doesn't believe in that rumor.

Rocksteady is one of those companies where there have been so many rumors, it feels like every week there's a new rumor. I have heard what they're working on, I don't really want to spoil it just for the sake of spoiling it, but every single rumor I've seen seems to be bullshit. Like, Superman rumors, and Justice League rumors, and it just feels like these rumors are begetting other rumors. Like, it becomes accepted lore because if you see four different iterations of the same Superman rumor then it's like 'Oh, of course, they are making Superman'. The thing I've heard is not Superman at all. I can't 100% definitely say they are not doing a Superman game, but I do not believe it. I think what we're going to see from them is a game about a group of superheroes and it will be like a game as a service [GaaS] type thing. I don't think it's Batman related.

Truth to be told, this outlook does line up with our previous reports from the studio's own job listings. All the way back in December 2015 they were looking for a Lead Network Programmer and a Senior Network Programmer, and earlier this year it looked like they were employing a Product Manager specialized in handling GaaS games.

Still, which group of superheroes could they be focusing on if it's not the obvious Justice League? Other options could include organization such as the Titans, whose TV show is going well so far on DC's new subscription service, or the Justice Society of America, which appeared a while ago in the Legends of Tomorrow TV series.

At the same time, I wouldn't be so sure there will be any reveal at all from Rocksteady at The Game Awards 2018. That's because only four months and a half ago Rocksteady co-founder and Studio Director Jamie Walker told fans that they wouldn't be ready to make the reveal 'for a while yet'.

We'll know for sure in a week from now, anyway. If they're not revealing it at The Game Awards, the wait could be much longer as it will be months before gaming conventions and events kick in next year.

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