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Rocksteady Won’t Be Ready to Unveil Their Next Game for a While Yet


Rocksteady won't be revealing their next game for a while yet. That's according to Studio Director and co-founder Jamie Walker, who revealed this via Twitter in an effort to prevent hype ahead of the upcoming San Diego Comic Con (July 19th-23rd, San Diego, California).

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Earlier this year, Game Director and co-founder Sefton Hill had to apologize to fans for Rocksteady's no-show at E3 2018.

Hi all! I wanted to share a quick message from me and the Rocksteady team…

We know some of you were disappointed that we were not at E3 this year. The whole team has been reading your comments and all of us here at Rocksteady really appreciate your passion for our next project.

Knowing how much it means to you keeps us inspired and energized to deliver a game that you will be proud of. We’ll share it with you as soon as it’s ready.

This time, they probably decided to pre-emptively address the situation at hand. Our best guess at this point is Geoff Keighley's The Game Awards event, which usually hosts a number of World Premiere trailers. Otherwise, we would probably have to wait for E3 2019.