Resident Evil Village Early Story Spoilers, Enemy Details, and More May Have Leaked


Resident Evil Village may be the leakiest boat in gaming right now, with insiders bringing us a steady flow of new rumors and details, many of which have been proven legit. Well, the folks at Biohazard Declassified, with help from proven Capcom insider Dusk Golem, have delivered their most extensive RE Village expose yet, including a detailed description of the game’s prologue and some of the enemies you’ll be facing. This info comes from a Resident Evil Village demo that some insiders were allowed to play earlier this year. Needless to say, there are potential SPOILERS ahead, so click that back button now if you want to go into Resident Evil Village completely fresh.

Everybody who doesn’t want to be spoiled gone? Okay then…

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Prologue Details

As we’ve already know, Resident Evil Village will be direct sequel to RE7, once again featuring Ethan Winters as the main character. We also know from the first RE Village trailer that Chris Redfield is going to show up and do something very bad to Mia.

Well, according to Biohazard Declassified, RE Village will open with a prologue, in which we see Mia reading a fairy tale to a daughter named Rose. During this time, Ethan can explore the house and find some notes that indicate your family has been found to be free of the “mold” from RE7 and that Ethan has done some training with Chris since the events of that game. You take Rose from Mia and put her to bed, then return downstairs as Mia is preparing supper. Faint sirens can be heard outside and it’s hinted the Winters have relocated to Europe.

Just as Ethan tries to discuss the events or RE7 with Mia, Chris Redfield and two “masked henchmen” barge into the Winters house and dispatch of Mia. Chris then kidnaps both Ethan and Rose, but the vehicle they’re in eventually crashes, leading to sequence where Ethan must survive in a snowy wooded area. Eventually, Ethan ends up in a cabin where he meets and old man (who soon meets his demise). Ethan ends up having to defend the cabin from numerous enemies in classic RE fashion.

Enemies and Characters

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As we’ve heard before, Resident Evil Village will feature werewolf-like “Beastmen,” and according to these latest leaks, they’ll have pack-like AI and will try to surround and outmaneuver you. There are also a couple unique enemies described, including the “Gorilla Man” who wields a large axe and seems to control the Beastmen, and a guy who rides a horse and wields a spear.

As for characters, in addition to the unfortunate old man from the cabin, the old woman seen in the game's first trailer is said to essentially be a new version of the merchant from RE4. She can sell you stuff, upgrade weapons, and share some rumors about what’s going on in town. RE Village will apparently have a weapon upgrade tree of sorts, which will let you unlock various new parts.

Now, take all this with a grain of salt for now, but Dusk Golem and Biohazard Declassified have delivered the goods in the past. Do check out their full article, as it includes more detail than I can share here. So, when might we get more official details? You shouldn’t have to wait long! It’s rumored a new trailer and info will be included Sony’s next State of Play, which is scheduled for…later today!

Resident Evil Village is coming to PC, Xbox Series X, and PS5 in 2021.