Resident Evil Village Will Get a VR Version; Enemies, Locations and More Detailed – Rumor

Francesco De Meo
Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village, the eighth main entry in the survival-horror series by Capcom, recently underwent an Ambassador playtest, and new details on the game emerged online.

A new report posted on Biohazard Declassified revealed some new details on the game, such as enemies, which look and sound ghastly, and location.

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The enemies within these areas are very pale, almost rotten skin, with tattoos on their foreheads and hands. Some with armor, but not like knight armor, that can also be shot off. They only speak of “normal” enemy types in this test, not of the “werewolf” like creatures we’d spoke on, and that was shown in the trailer.

They do speak in a distorted foreign language. Some carried daggers, swords, axes, and even spears. There are some without armed weapons. They jump and grab and bite similar to Resident Evil 3, and you can button-mash to take less damage. Some enemies will throw you to the ground instead of biting. The one with the sword has a special attack that can instantly behead Ethan. And according to the source, you’ll recognize the move once you play the game.

Most rooms were bright but few bedrooms were dark. The segment was somewhere within the castle on a higher level and you needed to find a key to open a big door downstairs.

Some new details on a Resident Evil Village boss fight have also emerged. The fight against Olga will feature a good mixture of stealth and shooting.

Once opening the door the lady in black named Olga appeared and released a swarm of insects. The player won’t have to fight the insects unless she spots Ethan. She would laugh constantly whenever she spots him.

In this boss fight, players grabbed a torch to use fire to scare her insects off to get Olga exposed to shoot her. After a bit of shooting, she’ll transform into this insect/spider-like creature with long spider legs and releasing more insects coming out from her insect-like bottom. Her human remains are still there, but naked and covered with black goo. After the defeat, she melted and some parts of skeletons covered in the goo remained and she dropped an item. She also released all of her insects, to which the player will find and kill them to stop them from attacking you in certain rooms. After that, the demo ended.

The playtest session ended with a talk with producer Peter Fabiano, who revealed that the game may be getting an Unfair difficulty level featuring triple the number of enemies. Additionally, he also confirmed that a Resident Evil Village VR version will happen, but the announcement will be made only once Sony is ready, hinting at a possible announcement of a new PlayStation VR headset.

Resident Evil Village launches on a yet to be confirmed date. A new trailer will be coming sometime next month.

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