Disable / Remove PPSync from Pangu iOS 7.1.1 Jailbreak Tool – How to

Rafia Shaikh

Pangu surprised everyone today with a public iOS 7.1.1 jailbreak release. While the jailbreak tool seems clean enough, there are a few cases of pirated apps being downloaded due to an installation of PPSync - Chinese version of AppSync. This guide will help you to remove PPSync.

PPSync causes stock apps to crash and makes system unstable among a number of other issues. To get jailbreak experience without PPSync mess, you will have to get rid of this package. It is pretty easy to disable PPSync and just needs you to uncheck a box, if you haven't yet jailbroken.

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How to remove PPSync:

Here is how to remove PPSync from jailbroken iOS 7.1.1:

  • On your Cydia, add Pineapple Repo from this URL: http://cydia.angelxwind.net/ from Manage > Sources > Edit > Add.
  • Install Complete PPSync Remover (net.angelxwind.completeppsyncremover) tweak from Cydia.
  • Now remove PPStore from Cydia.
  • Go to Settings General Profiles and remove 25pp certificate - if you don't see any, that's okay as that means that it was never installed on your device.
  • That's it. You can choose to uninstall Complete PPSync Remover.

If you haven't yet jailbroken your iOS 7.1.1 enabled device, better choice is to uncheck this box and free yourself from the hassle that follows:remove PPSync

As shared with you before, apart from PPSync, iOS 7.1.1 jailbreak tool looks malware-free. However, we will advise you to proceed with caution as it does not come from the reliable sources, like evad3rs team. After the release of this Pangu iOS 7.1.1 JB tool, it is highly likely that the usual sources will release the public JB tools. So wait before you jailbreak your iOS 7.1.1.

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