[Updated] Conceived PS5 SSD Storage Cartridge 3D Renders Suggest That Sony’s Next-Gen Console Might Work With Expandable SSD Storage Units


[Update 21/11] The recently patented Sony cartridge is not an expandable SSD storage cartridge for the PS5. Instead, it's a game cartridge for Sony's new portable TOIO system.

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[Original story] Conceived 3D renders of PS5 SSD storage cartridges have surfaced online, which suggest that Sony’s next-gen console might work with expandable SSD storage units.

Last week we covered a new patent that Sony Interactive Entertainment recently registered for a PlayStation Cartridge. The patent was picked up by Dutch tech site Let’s Go Digital, and following their article from last week, the tech site has now updated its article with some 3D renders.

As pointed out to me by the site’s author, Mark Peters, Let’s Go Digital managed to create some 3D renders of the cartridge patent that Sony filed. According to the Dutch tech site, we might very well be looking at 3D renders of expandable SSD storage cartridges for Sony’s PlayStation 5.

As we already mentioned last week, the PS5 won’t be using cartridges as a medium for games as Sony has already confirmed that its next-gen console will sport a Blu-Ray drive.

As noted by Let’s Go Digital, the use of expandable SSD memory cartridges might be more logical as it allows Sony to cut on the price of base PS5 by offering different storage modules.

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As noted by Let’s Go Digital, the use of expandable SSD storage cartridges through a plug-in module might be more logical as it would allow Sony to cut on the price of the base PS5. Let’s Go Digital has created several 3D renders of the speculated SSD storage cartridges. While it might sound far-fetched for some, Sony’s patent does mention that the PlayStation Cartridge is intended for a “CONFIGURATION APPLIED TO / IN DEVICE DATA RECORDING AND STORAGE”.

At this point this is all speculation so please take the information above with a fair pinch of salt for now.

Sony’s lead architect on the PlayStation 5, Mark Cerny, has already confirmed that the upcoming console will be equipped with a ‘specialized’ SSD that offers extremely fast loading times. Back in June of this year, a Sony spokesperson revealed some additional details about this special drive.

“An ultra-high-speed SSD is the key to our next generation”, the spokesperson told the official PlayStation Magazine. “Our vision is to make loading screens a thing of the past, enabling creators to build new and unique gameplay experiences.”

What do you make of these 3D renders? Could it be possible that the PS5 will make use of these expandable SSD storage cartridges? Hit the comments below.

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