PS5 Reveal Event Officially Set for Thursday June 11th, 9 PM BST

PS5 Reveal Event playstation 5

[UPDATE] Sony confirmed the leak, stating that the PS5 reveal event will indeed take place on Thursday June 11th at 9M BST.

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[ORIGINAL STORY] The PS5 reveal event was scheduled to take place on Thursday June 4th, but Sony decided to delay it amidst the current social tensions exploded in the United States.

However, it looks like the PlayStation platform holder has decided to reschedule the PS5 reveal event exactly one week later, on Thursday June 11th at 9 PM British Time.

To be clear, the news isn't officially confirmed yet by any means, but the ad image added above has appeared to several Twitch users. We will likely get a confirmation one way or another very soon from Sony. Meanwhile, let's recap what exactly should be showcased at the event.

First and foremost, everyone is expecting to see the final design of the next-generation PlayStation console. It's been quite a few months since Microsoft shared the design of its Xbox Series X, and PlayStation fans are eager to see what the PS5 will look like. Of course, we've had the leak of the development kit, but the retail unit could look very different if the previous consoles made by Sony are any indication.

Additionally, according to sources like GamesBeat's Jeff Grubb, an 'entire slate' of PS5 games should be showcased at the presentation, which is believed to be at least an hour long.

As to which ones exactly, the latest rumors indicate that we might be seeing Guerrilla's highly anticipated sequel Horizon Zero Dawn 2. Given that the first game launched in early March 2017, the Dutch studio could have had enough time to ready the follow-up entry for early 2021 or even late 2020.

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Additionally, the next mainline installment in the Resident Evil franchise, purportedly titled Resident Evil 8, may make an appearance at the PS5 reveal event as well according to insider Dusk Golem.

Other strong possibilities include the long-rumored Demon's Souls remake, possibly in development at Bluepoint Studio (which remade Shadow of the Colossus for PS4), and the console launch exclusive game Godfall. Stay tuned on Wccftech for other leaks and rumors ahead of the PS5 reveal event!

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