Resident Evil 8 More Than Likely to Be Revealed During Sony’s Upcoming PS5 Reveal Event, Insider Says

Resident Evil 8 Resident Evil

The rumored next Resident Evil installment, Resident Evil 8, will in all likelihood be revealed during Sony’s upcoming PS5 reveal event.

The event for Sony’s next-gen console was scheduled to take place last week, but was postponed due to the recent events in the U.S. Sony has yet to a announce a new date for the event. Recent rumors suggest that the event will take place as early as next week, but this hasn’t been confirmed in any way.

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Exact details of the PS5 reveal event, which will focus on games coming to Sony’s next-gen console, haven’t been revealed, but if well-known insider and horror enthusiast Dusk Golem is to believed, Capcom’s next Resident Evil installment will make its appearance during the showcase.

“I'm like 99% sure now RE8 is at the PS5 reveal event”, Dusk Golem tweeted recently. “As others noticed, all the RE games went on sale yesterday, & RE7 in particular went on the deepest discount it's EVER had by a long shot, around the same time the PS5 reveal event was supposed to happen yesterday. So yeah.”

The insider followed up with some additional tweets, explaining his reasoning.

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Recently, Dusk Golem said that a new Silent Hill will also be revealed during Sony’s PS5 event with Resident Evil 8 expected to be revealed later this month. “Resident Evil 8 I have no idea when the reveal is, but it was supposed to be E3 originally”, he said. “It's a cross-gen game, similarly I think August is the latest it'll show up, but I suspect it'll show up somewhere this month.”

Capcom hasn’t confirmed that Resident Evil 8 is actually in development but various major outlets reported on the existence of the horror title back in April of this year.

We'll update as soon as learn more about Resident Evil 8 and Sony's PS5 reveal event. For now, stay tuned.

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