Pokemon GO Tracker ‘Go Radar’ Updated To Version 2.0 – Here’s What Is New


Go Radar 2.0 Pokemon GO tracker has been released for iOS users. Here's everything that is new.

Go Radar 2.0 Is Now Available For Download - Brings With It A Handful Amount Of Changes

Pokemon GO trackers are slowly biting the dust as Niantic is cracking down on services with every single new update to the game itself. But luckily for us, some services are still up and running. But of course, most of them rely on crowdsourced data in order to work now. Nonetheless they're insanely useful and Go Radar is one such app that sits at the top of the food chain in contrast to everything else available on the App Store.

The app is absolutely free and has managed to become the go-to source for tracking Pokemon on a map. It's free, easy to use, updated regularly, and today sees itself sitting at version 2.0. So, what's new in the latest update? Quite a lot actually. Here's the complete changelog for your reading pleasure.

-You can now see more pokemon when you zoom out
-Various bug fixes
-Clustering of Pokemon
-Pokemon Scanner so you can see the closest Pokemon to you
-Pokemon IVs!!!!

That changelog might not look like much but the under the hood updates are enough to grant this app a safe place on your home screen. The biggest feature addition in the new 2.0 release is how the app shows you more Pokemon as you zoom out of the map. Extremely handy.

If you've given up on Pokemon GO trackers then we highly recommend giving this one a shot.

Download Go Radar 2.0

Go Radar is available for iOS users and can be downloaded directly from the App Store. And of course, for your convenience, we have added the download link below.

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