Pixel 5 Design Leaks Out Once More, This Time Showing a White Color With the Same Unique Rear Camera Module


It’s that time of the year; the period when Google’s flagship smartphone leaks pick up an insane amount of pace. First, we got to see a glimpse into the Pixel 5 XL, and now we’re greeted with an even bigger picture showcasing the Pixel 5 design. Just like how Google introduced that unsightly notch on the Pixel 3 XL, you won’t be able to take your eyes on this image.

Pixel 5 Design Is Apparently in Prototype Stage - Forehead Reportedly Smaller Than the Pixel 4

Jon Prosser, who runs the YouTube channel FrontPageTech is back with another leak, revealing the Pixel 5 design from both sides. According to him, the forehead will be smaller than the Pixel 4 and it will still manage to accommodate Soli-based hardware. That’s an impressive change, and it will mean a higher screen-to-body ratio in a smaller footprint.

Android 12 Beta 4 is Now Rolling Out to Pixel Devices

Previously, the Pixel 5 XL leak was shown in black, and the Pixel 5 render shown by Prosser now reveals that Google may add a while color model to the upcoming family. While there’s no hideous notch at the front of the smartphone, there is that triple rear camera housed in a unique, but weirdly-shaped notch.

Love it or hate, we can bet you won’t be able to take your eyes off it. I personally don’t mind it at all and I think companies should be willing to take things in a different direction rather than sticking to what the competition is doing.

That certainly doesn’t mean an uglier notch should be implemented, but in our opinion, the Pixel 5 design stands out when viewed from the back. Of course, this isn’t the final design, as Prosser has mentioned in his tweet. Hopefully, Google is able to refine a few things here and there and give customers a proper smartphone flagship for 2020.

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News Source: Twitter (Jon Prosser)