Pixel 4 Doesn’t Support 5G Networks, and Google’s Product VP Explains Why


Two days back, when Google finally unveiled the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, you may have noticed a few things missing. Unlike a few of its other Android rivals, the search giant didn’t release the widely expected 5G-ready Pixel variant. If you are wondering what the reason behind this is, and why you be excited, the company’s VP of product management, Brian Rakowski has an explanation.

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Rakowski notes that the next generation of wireless technology isn’t ready for consumers right now and it’s kind of true. Coverage is spotty, which means even if your phone has a 5G modem inside, you will not be able to enjoy the technology and speeds to the fullest. Thus, Rakowski doesn’t think that this is an ideal time for buying a 5G handset, also the reason why the Pixel 4 5G release was not seen at Google’s October 15 event.

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Unlike China, South Korea, and even Europe, where 5G networks are being deployed at a decent rate, the roll-out remains comparatively slow in the U.S. Since Google sells its phones mostly in the U.S, it wouldn’t have made sense for the company to churn out a Pixel 4 5G variant. Of course, it also doesn’t help that the next generation of wireless connectivity is power-hungry, and the Pixel 4 ships with a disappointingly small 2800mAh battery.

“It will get there, but now is not the right time to buy a 5G phone. Both from a deployment perspective—the coverage is not broadly available in enough places for enough users to benefit from it—[and] from a hardware and phone perspective—it's still power hungry [and] immature.”

With the Pixel 4 XL packing in a 3700mAh cell, with 5G connectivity, the power draw would have been massive and users wouldn’t have appreciated it having to charge their devices at least two times a day. Of course, that doesn’t mean Google has written off its rumored Pixel 4 5G. Rakowski was pretty vague about the company’s plan regarding the release of such a device, but the executive did state that Google will release one when the time is right.

The best-case scenario is that a Pixel 4 5G will be released alongside the rumored Pixel 4a and Pixel 4a XL early next year. Otherwise, the company will likely jump the 5G bandwagon with next year’s Pixel 5. Is the lack of 5G connectivity on the latest devices a deal-breaker for you or you agree with Google’s narrative? Let us know by commenting below.

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News Source: PCMag