Pagan Online Launches Out of Steam Early Access on August 27th with Lots of New Content and Features

Hack-and-slash action RPG Pagan Online is coming out of Steam Early Access on August 27th, as announced today by developer Mad Head Games and publisher Wargaming. The prize will increase to £19.99.

The 1.0 version of the game will include lots of new content and features, such as:

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  • Full story campaign - Featuring eight acts, new zones and maps, and two new bosses.
  • Click-to-move controls and full controller support - Originally designed for WASD controls, the control scheme has been extended due to popular demand.
  • Two new playable characters - Joining the battle and expanding the roster of heroes players can choose from are:
    • Elden - A quick and nimble dual-wielding ice construct with high attack speed, capable of slowing and potentially freezing enemies with each slice.
    • Hector - An agile scrapper who specializes in everything fire. His weapon of choice is a blunderbuss and he uses dirty tricks to set the battleground ablaze.
  • Fabled Weapons - Some Legendary Weapons can be upgraded to Fabled quality by overcoming Pagan Online’s toughest battles.
  • Schools of Magic - Ultra-rare gear sets that boost stats and provide awesome new looks.
  • Revamped crafting and loot drop systems - Making drops more valuable, diverse, and immediately usable, while recipes become more rare and have a bigger impact.
  • All-new skill trees -  Letting players build and spec out unique heroes by improving, modifying, and unlocking new abilities.
  • End-game content - Providing new types of challenges for players to experience while continually evolving favourite heroes.

Uros Banjesevic, Chief Creative Officer of Mad Head Games, said in a statement:

Since we began closed alpha testing 10 months ago, Pagan Online has been constantly evolving with the help of our players. During our 4 month run in Early Access we have implemented massive changes and amazing new features and mechanics to deliver the best possible 1.0 experience at full launch. It is going to be, literally, a different game.

Jacob Beucler, Product Director at Wargaming, added:

While this is a premium title, it is also a service, and players can expect regular updates to the game both in content and gameplay. We are committed to continuing to iterate on our game. We are excited to not only end the Early Access journey but also to begin building what comes next.

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