ONRUSH on Xbox One X To Get Higher Resolution Textures & Pixel Count; 4K or 60FPS Switch Available


As part of our ONRUSH preview coverage, we had the chance to speak with Game Director Paul Rustchynsky, previously Director of DRIVECLUB at Evolution Studios.

He confirmed that the arcade racing game due to be published by Codemasters in early June will feature two modes to choose from on Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro and Microsoft's Xbox One X consoles: 4K or 60FPS. Considering the heavy multiplayer focus (there's even going to be competitive Ranked play at launch), it will be interesting to see how the console community reacts to what could be a fairly significant advantage if the base PlayStation 4 and Xbox One run at 30FPS.

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While the developers haven't nailed down the exact specifics yet, Rustchynsky was able to confirm that the game will enjoy both higher resolution textures and higher pixel count on Xbox One X compared to PlayStation 4 Pro due to the additional power and hardware resources available. ONRUSH will also support High Dynamic Range (HDR) displays, to deliver even more stunning visuals for those who own them.

There's also a PC version coming at a later date and Rustchynsky said this will be the best-looking version provided you have a powerful enough hardware. Lastly, we asked about the Nintendo Switch and he replied that it's not something the developers have investigated right now as they are focused on providing the best experience on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and then PC.

Below there's a gallery of eight new screenshots provided by Codemasters. ONRUSH is scheduled to release on 5 June 2018 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One; you can find Christian's very positive impressions from the hands-on event in his preview article.