NVIDIA GeForce 11 Series “Up To GTX 1180” Naming Convention Revealed By Lenovo – Arriving in Q3 2018, OEM Desktops With GeForce 11 in Fall 2018

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 Series To Feature 5nm Ada Lovelace GPUs

It looks like Lenovo has spilled the beans on the NVIDIA GeForce 11 series graphics cards. The new graphics card lineup has previously gone by GeForce 11 and GeForce 20 series naming schemes in various rumors but if Lenovo's representative is to be believed, NVIDIA would choose the former 11 series naming for their next-generation graphics cards.

NVIDIA GeForce 11 Series and GeForce GTX 1180 Graphics Card Naming Scheme Slipped By Lenovo Rep - Arrives In Legion Desktop PCs in Fall 2018, Consumer Launch Expected in Summer

The latest details about the next-generation GeForce graphics cards come from a Lenovo rep at the E3 2018 booth. The rep was interviewed by TechTuber BrainBean, who asked him around the new Legion desktop PCs. While talking about graphics side updates expected for the Legion PCs, the Lenovo rep replied that users can expect the NVIDIA GeForce 11 series, up to a GeForce GTX 1180, down the road over the GTX 1060 which is found in current Legion desktop PC variants.

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As well as along with up to GTX 1060 at this time but time to market with NVIDIA 11 series up to 1180 down the road.

And up to 1060 at this time, of course, with the NVIDIA 11 series time to market later this fall would get those GPUs as well. via Lenovo Rep at E3 2018

The rep also confirmed that the Legion desktop PC graphics update would arrive around Fall 2018 for the one with GTX 1060 so we can expect the GeForce GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 successors, that are presumed to be known as the GeForce GTX 1180 and GeForce GTX 1170, to arrive earlier than that in Summer 2018 which inclines with the rumors and our recent exclusive report that you can check out over here.

This news also aligns with when we can see major OEM traction for the next-gen NVIDIA GeForce GPUs as Gigabyte had previously revealed that they will are going to upgrade their AORUS note-book lineup at the end of 2018. Furthermore, we have also seen new details starting to emerge regarding the next-generation NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards as a new PCB prototype was just discovered a few days ago, featuring Micron's high-performance GDDR6 memory and a beefy power management system which is required for internal testing for unreleased graphics cards and graphics boards.

GPU Memory Technology Updates

Graphics Card NameMemory TechnologyMemory SpeedMemory BusMemory BandwidthRelease
AMD Radeon R9 Fury XHBM11.0 Gbps4096-bit512 GB/s2015
NVIDIA GTX 1080GDDR5X10.0 Gbps256-bit320 GB/s2016
NVIDIA Tesla P100HBM21.4 Gbps4096-bit720 GB/s2016
NVIDIA Titan XpGDDR5X11.4 Gbps384-bit547 GB/s2017
AMD RX Vega 64HBM21.9 Gbps2048-bit483 GB/s2017
NVIDIA Titan VHBM21.7 Gbps3072-bit652 GB/s2017
NVIDIA Tesla V100HBM21.7 Gbps4096-bit901 GB/s2017
NVIDIA RTX 2080 TiGDDR614.0 Gbps384-bit672 GB/s2018
AMD Instinct MI100HBM22.4 Gbps4096-bit1229 GB/s2020
NVIDIA A100 80 GBHBM2e3.2 Gbps5120-bit2039 GB/s2020
NVIDIA RTX 3090GDDR6X19.5 Gbps384-bit936.2 GB/s2020
AMD Instinct MI200HBM2e3.2 Gbps8192-bit3200 GB/s2021
NVIDIA RTX 3090 TiGDDR6X21.0 Gbps384-bit1008 GB/s2022

With Micron commencing GDDR6 mass production and more hints of NVIDIA's next-generation graphics card popping up everywhere, we can expect NVIDIA to announce a launch event in a few months where they'll be launching their next high-performance gaming graphics cards for 2018.

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