NVIDIA’s Next Generation GeForce Mobility GPUs Expected To Launch By End of 2018, Gigabyte Rep Confirms

While most PC builders are waiting for the next NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards, it looks like laptop users have at least a confirmation coming from Gigabyte that new models utilizing the latest next-gen NVIDIA GeForce GPUs will be launching towards the end of 2018.

Gigabyte Confirms That NVIDIA's Next-Gen Mobility GeForce GPUs Are Expected By The End of 2018, Aimed at High-End Notebook Solutions

The confirmation comes from Gigabyte's representative at OCUK (via Videocardz) who goes by the name of Atom80. The rep stated in a reply to a forum member that they won't be making any new changes to their current AORUS notebook lineup. The lineup as such won't see an upgrade till the next GPU lineup is announced and that is currently slated towards the end of this year.

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Hi @Scorpuk - the range coming in now will be stable and not having any additional refreshes until the next gen of GPU's is announced. Currently scheduled more towards the end of the year.


Gigabyte UK NB Team via OCUK

The forum member asked about one particular model which is the Aero 15X V8-CF1. This variant makes use of the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 8 GB mobility graphics and a 6 Core Intel processor. Based on this information, the Gigabyte rep is definitely talking about NVIDIA's next-generation graphics lineup for the notebook platform.

I would say it here again that we have no information regarding the naming scheme or the GPU family which will be featured in the coming GeForce family but one thing that is confirmed is that it will be very similar to Volta and even be a step ahead than the former due to refinements and tweaked architecture designed from the ground up for gamers.

Also, since mobility GeForce lineup always comes after the desktop variants, this more or less confirms that the desktop lineup is expected a few months before. So those who are waiting for the next-gen NVIDIA GeForce graphics (Whatever NVIDIA plans to call it), there's slight hope now that we will be looking at the cards sooner rather than later.

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