New Capcom Game Allegedly Being Revealed Soon; Initially Delayed Due to Sony Reworking the PS5 and Project Needing Additional Time – Rumor


A new Capcom game will allegedly be revealed very soon, according to YouTuber and insider AestheticGamer.

The insider, who also goes by the name ‘Dusk Golem’ on the ResetEra forums, correctly leaked the first details about the Resident Evil 3 Remake and recently provided information about the next Resident Evil, Resident Evil 8.

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He has now taken to Twitter once again to talk about a new Capcom title that is said to be announced soon. In his initial tweet, he posted a stock photo of an embryo with the accompanying text “A reminder that all humans were dinosaurs once”. With Capcom owning the Dino Crisis IP, this tweet has many believing that the publisher will soon reveal a new Dino Crisis installment.

However, this new game apparently isn’t related to Dino Crisis and the title was initially slated to be revealed alongside at last year’s E3 event. The announcement and the game itself are said to have been delayed due to the project needing additional time and Sony having to put more focus on reworking the PS5. We’ve included the tweets from AestheticGamer down below:

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Interesting rumors indeed, but as always, take the information with a fair pinch of salt.

Last year we reported on the fact that Capcom intends to awaken dormant intellectual properties from its library. Will this title be one of those 'sleeping' IPs? Hit the comments below.