Dino Crisis Unreal Engine 5 Concept Trailer Makes Us Wish for a New Entry in the Series Even More

Dino Crisis

CAPCOM may have forgotten about the Dino Crisis series, but fans most definitely haven't, and many are those that continue to wish for a new entry in the series.

TeaserPlay, who has shared many Unreal Engine 5-powered concept trailers, shared today a new trailer showing how a remake of the first entry in the CAPCOM series would look powered by the new version of the engine by Epic. The results, as expected, are amazing.

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Recreation of Dino Crisis, Nostalgia Game in Unreal Engine 5 with high-end graphics features such as Lumen, Nanite, Screen Space Ray Tracing and Global Illumination Shader

It has been quite some time since we have seen a new entry in the Dino Crisis series, and a new one doesn't seem to be on the horizon. Despite series producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi being involved in the development of Exoprimal, the upcoming game has nothing to do with the classic survival horror series.

The original Dino Crisis was released back in 1999 on the original PlayStation. You can find an overview of the game below.

An abandoned research complex on a remote jungle island, a team of special forces operatives, a horde of vicious velociraptors, and one big, mean Tyrannosaurus rex constitute the setting and cast of Dino Crisis, the latest masterpiece from the makers of Resident Evil.

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You play as Regina, a member of a four-person team sent to retrieve an expatriate scientist. Your radio man became a midnight snack for the T.rex, so it's up to you and your two remaining teammates to explore a dino-infested research station, rescue the scientist, call for a helicopter retrieval, and escape with your lives. Along the way you'll uncover the grizzly remains of those who got in the dinosaurs' way, and you'll unravel the mystery of how a top-secret energy research project turned into a Jurassic nightmare.

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