Netflix Reveals New Castlevania and Far Cry Series, Cuphead and Arcane Gets Fresh Clips


Netflix has gone all-in on video game tie-ins, and today during a new Geeked Week stream, they showcased a number of gaming-based projects on the way. Of course the big news is WitcherCon, co-sponsored by both Netflix and CD Projekt Red (read more about that here), but they also announced new Far Cry and Castlevania series, provided a first look at their Cuphead and League of Legends shows, and more. Scroll on down for all the info.

First off, a new Castlevania anime is on the way, this time starring Castlevania: Rondo of Blood’s Richter Belmont, who will apparently be slaying vamps during the French Revolution.

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A new Far Cry series (apart from the already-announced Blood Dragon show) is also in the works.

Speaking of the Blood Dragon show, it got a new slightly different name and a title card.

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We also got this tease for the Splinter Cell animated series.

But hey, how about something a little more substantial? Here’s the first real clip of The Cuphead Show featuring Wayne Brady as King Dice.

And here’s a look at Arcane, the animated series set in the League of Legends universe.

Arcane hits Netflix this fall, and The Cuphead Show is “coming soon.” The rest of these projects are without release windows, although you can probably expect them sometime within the next year. What do you think? See anything you’re eager to binge?