More iOS 13 Details Surface: Siri, NFC, CoreML, Taptic Engine, AR & More Improvements Incoming

iOS 13

We have a new report that highlights yet even more improvements and changes coming to iOS 13.

9to5Mac has shifted gears one more time and has revealed a bunch of more details regarding iOS 13. Rather than talking about them, we’ll make a quick list of things which you can expect from the upcoming OS for iPhone and iPad.

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  • Siri will be tightly integrated with apps, allowing things like grabbing gate numbers, searching for something, media playback and more
  • Tons of Marzipan improvements allowing developers to port apps from iOS to macOS with a check of a button. Apps ported to the Mac can be resized easily
  • Swift-only framework coming to AR and the ability to detect human poses and more
  • Developers will have more control over the Taptic Engine allowing them to create whole new experiences in apps and games
  • NFC will be opened up to third-party developers allowing them to read tags on the fly
  • New CoreML version will allow developers to update machine learning models on-device something which is not possible right now
  • Document scanning will become available to third-party developers
  • New API will allow developers to capture photos from an external source such as a DSLR or action camera

The report goes into a lot of detail which we recommend checking out. But needless to say that there are going to be a lot of new thing in iOS 13 which everyone should look forward to.

What has me excited the most? The ability to capture photos from external sources. What this essentially means is that you can just snap a photo with your camera connected to your iOS device and the image will go straight to the internal storage allowing you to play around with it immediately or make edits, however you see fit.

There are a handful of details available right now regarding iOS 13, such as new Animoji, unified apps for Find my iPhone and Find my Friends, system-wide dark theme and a whole lot more. And we are very certain at this point that even more details will arrive in due course, so stay tuned for more.

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