Microsoft’s Steven Sinofsky Applauds Apple’s “Fearless” Transition to Custom Silicon

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Apple Microsoft Transition

Apple announced its transition to custom silicon on Monday at its annual WWDC 2020 opening keynote. While it's huge for the company and all of us, former Microsoft executive, Steven Sinofsky also saw it as a bold move. The former president of the Windows Division at Microsoft took to Twitter soon after the WWDC 2020 keynote to discuss the importance of the event and Apple's plans.

In his thread, Sinofsky went on to detail what sets the Cupertino giant apart. He stated that Apple has managed to craft a team that has "done more and executed better" than the rest. The ex-executive is known for overseeing the development of Microsoft Office during his time at the company.

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Former Microsoft Executive Praises Apple For Its Brave Move and "Fearless" Strategy to Transition to Custom Silicon

Microsoft's ex-executive applauded Apple for its bold move and "fearless" conduct for openly letting its audience know that the transition to custom silicon will take two years. Intel, on the other hand, says that it will continue to assist Apple in the transition but its chips are still best for developers.

"Apple is a company that has a point of view — when the point of view lines up with a great product people love, it can become an unstoppable force."

If we take Apple's custom processors into account, it provides better audio processing, low power video playback, machine learning accelerators, Neural Engine, better power management, Apple GPU, and more. According to Sinofsky, Apple is capable of making the transition happen because the company's culture has a "point of view". Sinofsky also pointed out that "Apple makes products that customers love and are delighted by, but it makes them by studying technology, the market, and usage to arrive at plans and strategies,"

Apple Microsoft Transition

Sinofsky calls Apple's plans or strategy as "fearless" which is one of the reasons why Apple would be able to achieve its goal. It's big coming from the former Microsoft executive. The shared point of view of the company along with the company culture allows Apple to make these bold decisions and share them with the world. Developers have now also begun receiving the 'Developer Transition Kit" - the A12Z-powered Mac mini and the benchmarks are really surprising.

Apple is different than the market in many ways and Microsoft's ex-boss says that he is impressed by the company's consistent ability to upgrade its products and software. He described that Apple sets long-term goals and then breaks them down into short-term goals and vital steps. Apple is the only company that has the ability to stick to its strategies and make it and other companies would not be able to pull this off. He ended the article saying that "There's only one Apple. Don't try to copy". You can read the full article in a Medium post where the executive further annotated his tweets.

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