Developers Have Started Receiving the A12Z Powered Mac Mini to Prepare Their Apps

Ali Salman
Mac Mini A12Z Developers

Apple at its WWDC 2020 announced that it will be transitioning from Intel chipsets to its in-house, custom-designed silicon for Macs. The first Mac with Apple's custom processors will debut later this year. The company also announced that it will allow developers to apply for am A12Z-powered Mac mini as part of the transition. Now, developers have started receiving the modified Mac mini.

Developers are Now Receiving Mac Mini With A12Z Processors to Prepare Their Apps

As mentioned earlier, developers have begun receiving the modified A12Z Mac mini and it is officially called the "Developer Transition Kit". Apple wants developers to ready their apps before the company releases its next big Mac update later this year. In addition, Apple also plans to complete the transition from Intel chips to its own in two years.

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Apple is promising better performance per watt with its custom silicon. While the transition is in progress, Intel is still assisting Apple with its chips in the meantime. The company also says that its chips are still best for developers. As of now, Intel-based Macs are in development as well. As for users who have purchased mac with Intel chips, Apple says that it will continue to support them for years to come. Nonetheless, we're excited to see how the Mac mini with A12Z performs in contrast to Intel chips.

For developers, Apple has also set guidelines to follow, allowing them to test the A12Z chip but not disclosing any information. This includes all the benchmark scores. Apple will decide when developers can open up about the Mac mini powered by the A12Z processor.

As for design, the Developer Transition Kit looks just like any other Mac mini. We will wait for developers to test the unit out and tinker with the performance. Do you think Apple's custom chips would deliver the power and speed better than Intel chips? Let us know in the comments section below.

News Source: MacRumors

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