Windows 10 Anniversary Update is “Feature-Locked,” Referenced as Version 1607


Microsoft is expected to release an anniversary update to Windows 10 this July. Before it does so, the company started releasing a number of Redstone preview builds to those signed up in the Windows Insider program. Microsoft's Gabriel Aul had commented at the start of this year that we will see an increased frequency of Insider builds this year, which was true as we saw a new build almost every other week. This accelerated frequency has somehow slowed down in the past few weeks though. If you are an Insider and the lack of new features in the latest Insider releases has been upsetting you, there is a good reason for it.

No new features expected in Windows 10 Redstone 1 Insider builds

Microsoft has been working on new preview builds of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, and we have seen a number of new changes and feature improvements that are likely going to be part of the Anniversary update. As the company nears the launch of Windows 10 Anniversary Update in July, it is focusing on performance improvements and bringing more bug fixes in the Insider previews than the new features.

According to latest reports, the company is now giving the finishing touches to its Anniversary (also known as Windows 10 Redstone 1) update, and no new features are currently being tested or developed internally. Windows team is reportedly focusing on fixing bugs, improving performance and bringing stability to the OS. A report by the folks at WinBeta notes that the company is likely focusing on correcting problems at this stage, however, some minor changes and improvements to the Settings app are also likely to be released.

[...] latest internal builds of Windows 10 include more improvements to the Settings app, and all round general UI improvements and tweaks on the lead up to official release in July.

Version 1607 referenced internally

The report also confirms that the previously rumored Version 1607 is being referenced in the internal Windows 10 builds, which is going to be the build number of Windows 10 Anniversary Update. This is the same approach used in the November update which was called Version 1511 (YYMM), and now 1607 confirms July release of Anniversary update.

Windows 10 Redstone 1

That's it, folks. The Anniversary Update is now "feature-locked," which means that Insiders won't see any new major features coming their way for a while, as the  focus has shifted to stabilizing the operating system. Any major new features are now pushed back for Redstone 2, which was earlier rumored to release in Spring 2017. Expect to see a final build of Anniversary Update in about a month or so as Microsoft is likely to release the final version to the Insiders before the same is released to public.

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