Windows 10 Anniversary Update “Coming in July 2016,” Official Roadmap Suggests

Rafia Shaikh

Microsoft released a roadmap of upcoming Windows 10 features, giving a preview of a number of new features that are currently in development. While the Windows 10 Roadmap is geared toward the company's business users, at least a few of these features will definitely make it to the consumers. In the details of how improved Cortana will get, Microsoft has slipped that the feature will be revealed in July 2016. Windows 10 Anniversary Update is scheduled to arrive this summer, and many had already assumed that June or July will be the best time, considering the operating system was officially launched on July 29.

It appears that Microsoft has now confirmed that we will indeed be seeing all the exciting features that have been previewed in Windows 10 Insider Preview build 14316 this summer.

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windows 10 redstoneWindows 10 Anniversary Update

Roadmap suggests Windows 10 Anniversary Update coming in July

Microsoft has talked about several new features in this Windows 10 roadmap, including updates to Windows Defender, support for external touch displays when using Continuum, new authentication methods that will help users unlock their PCs using their Windows Phone or Android devices, and improvements to Microsoft Passport. Edge web notifications, Ink updates and some other feature enhancements that Microsoft has already talked about are also part of this newly released Windows 10 Roadmap.

Coming back to the release schedule, folks at WinBeta had earlier reported that in a "document regarding the Universal Windows Platform and Xbox, Microsoft references Windows 10 “Version 1607,” which" means that Microsoft is planning to launch Windows 10 Anniversary Update in July "rather than June, which would have been version 1606 instead."

In the latest Windows 10 Roadmap, Microsoft suggests a July launch date when talking about new features coming to Cortana.

Cortana is your truly personal digital assistant who works across all your Windows 10 devices to help you get things done.* By learning more about you over time, Cortana becomes more useful every day. Cortana helps you be more productive by handling key tasks like sending emails, scheduling events, and using the power of Bing to quickly search your devices, the cloud, or the web. Cortana is also the best digital assistant at reminders, letting you set them in more ways including by pen, and [coming in July 2016] pulling reminder-relevant info from emails so you have the details at hand. And you can instantly capture your ideas by voice just by telling Cortana to take a note.

Unlike Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft has been really committed to the development of Windows 10 for PC. While releases often get delayed due to any last minute problems, it is expected that we will be seeing the feature-packed Windows 10 Anniversary Update (Redstone 1) this July.


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