Metro Dev Sees ‘Loads of Possibilities for Any Game’ with PS5’s DualSense

PS5 DualSense Metro

4A Games Executive Producer Jon Bloch had a brief interview with the PlayStation Official Magazine UK (October 2020, issue 179), with the PlayStation 5 hardware as the main focus. Bloch started with praise for the DualSense controller, trying to imagine how it could be used in a Metro game.

We can see loads of possibilities there for any game. Probably the first that comes to mind for Metro would be getting that tactile feedback of pressure as you pump up a pneumatic rifle.

Forced to pick between the ray tracing support and the brand new SSD, though, the producer of Metro Exodus said the former is the sign of a 'true generational leap'. It is perhaps unsurprising since Metro Exodus was one of the first true ray tracing showcases on PC.

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We are fully committed to ray tracing moving forward, and to see that available on the PS5 is probably the biggest feature that we're excited about. The faster SSD will help a lot with player experience, but adding support for ray tracing is the sort of thing that to us shows a true generational leap in the hardware.

That is not to say the SSD won't be useful, as Bloch goes on to say later in the interview.

As environments get larger and more densely packed with assets, loading times go up, and streaming tech becomes more and more critical. Faster hardware means we can push those limits farther. Developers need to deliver on the promises of all the cool things

The Metro developer, recently acquired by Embracer Group under the Saber Interactive label, did not say yet whether Metro Exodus will be enhanced for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. However, if that happens, rest assured that we'll let you know as long as you follow us on Wccftech.

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