NVIDIA CEO: Our Leadership in Ray Tracing Turned It into a Standard, Almost Every Platform Will Have to Have It

NVIDIA made a huge effort pushing for the adoption of ray tracing throughout the games industry with the GeForce RTX line of graphics cards debuted in the second half of 2018.

While there wasn't a lot of software support at first, adoption is now picking up across the industry and even Sony confirmed the next PlayStation 4 console will support ray tracing. In the latest NVIDIA conference call on Q1 2020 earnings, CEO Jen-Hsun Huang proudly boasted the company's role in driving that adoption for everyone [credits for this excerpt's transcript go to Seeking Alpha].

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Our strategy with RTX was to take a lead and move the world to ray tracing. And at this point, I think it's fairly safe to say that that the leadership position that we've taken has turned into a movement that has turned next generation gaming ray tracing into a standard. Almost every single game platform will have to have ray tracing and some of them already announced it and the partnerships that we've developed are fantastic. Microsoft DXR is supporting raytracing, Unity is supporting ray tracing, Epic is supporting raytracing with the Unreal Engine 4, leading publishers like Electronic Arts have adopted RTX and supported raytracing. Even movie studios, Pixar has announced that they're using RTX and will use artifacts to accelerate their rendering of films.

And so, Adobe and Autodesk jumped on to RTX and that will bring raytracing to their content and their tools. And so, I think at this point it's fair to say that that raytracing is the next generation and it's going to be adopted all over the world.

We're expecting both NVIDIA and AMD to make new announcements on raytracing features and software support (chiefly games, of course) between COMPUTEX and E3 in the next few weeks. Wccftech will have teams on the ground at both conventions - stay tuned for exclusive coverage!

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