Xbox Series X CPU, DLI, SSD Will Mark The Biggest Generational Leap Since 2D to 3D, Phil Spencer Says

Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series X console will mark the biggest generational leap in a very long time, according to Xbox's head Phil Spencer.

Speaking on his official Twitter profile, Phil Spencer talked about the upcoming next-generation console, stating that ray tracing will be great and that work on Dynamic Latency Input is one of the main focuses. He also added that the feel of next-gen games will change as "dramatically as any since 2D to 3D" given the console's specs.

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It has been some time since we have heard anything substantially new regarding the Xbox Series X. Last week, Tequila Works CEO highlighted in an interview how the two next-gen consoles have very similar hardware, and the hardware features leap compared to the current generation will be massive.

The Xbox Series X's SSD will also allow developers to improve character AI and animations, according to Rebellion Development's Kevin Floyer-Lea.

The SSD storage speed then lets us take those beautiful realistic environments and make them load in a flash. And we're talking about bigger environments than the ones we could create on Xbox One. Finding new things to stream is an important part of this generation, and animation streaming is a game-changer for motion capture. Now we can support detailed motion capture on a much wider scale, like non-player characters simply doing their thing in the background. Instead of all enemy NPCs moving in an identical way, for example, the SSD storage speed means we can offer many unique motion-captured animations.

Digital showcases for both Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are rumored to be scheduled for May, so we may not have to wait too long to learn more about them. We will keep you updated on the consoles as soon as more come in on them, so stay tuned for all the latest news.

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