iPhone 12 Owners Can Now Purchase Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack Worldwide

iPhone 12 Owners Can Now Purchase Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack Worldwide

Apple has begun selling its MagSafe Battery Pack worldwide, so if you want something that seamlessly attaches to any iPhone 12 model and begins to charge it, you can purchase it now.

Apple’s Online Store Claims 5-7 Days Shipping for the Battery Pack

If you head to Apple’s U.S. online store and check for the MagSafe Battery Pack, shipping times will range between 5-7 business days. Waiting time could vary, depending on where you live, though AppleInsider did some digging around and found out that customers living in Europe can grab the accessory right away. Unfortunately, not all regions have in-store pickups, with the U.S. online store mentioning that the accessory is ‘currently unavailable.’

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Then again, why would you want to take the trouble and go all the way down to the nearest Apple store outlet when you can have one delivered to your doorstep? Carrying a price of $99, the MagSafe Battery Pack is only compatible with the iPhone 12 series, and likely the iPhone 13 family, when it is gets announced later this year. If you do not own an iPhone 12, but plan on upgrading to any iPhone 13 member later, then you can purchase this accessory for later use.

However, there is no telling if Apple will introduce an improved version of the MagSafe Battery Pack so we recommend iPhone 12 owners picking it up for now. Thanks to each iPhone 12 model sporting magnets, the battery pack effortlessly attaches at the back of the phone and starts charging it. If you still have some questions about the accessory, we recommend checking out our extended coverage below, as that will likely end all of your confusion.

News Source: Apple

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