MagSafe Battery Pack Charging Speed is a Measly 5W on the Go

MagSafe Battery Pack charging speed limited to 5W on the go

You would want to believe that the MagSafe Battery Pack would charge your iPhone 12 at 15W, right? Wrong. The charging speed is a huge downer.

MagSafe Battery Pack Won’t Fast Charge Your iPhone 12 on the Go, Charging Speeds Limited to Just 5W Fully Untethered

When it comes to form and functionality, Apple has made one amazing product with the MagSafe Battery Pack. But, if you were hoping that it would resonate with every other MagSafe charger in terms of speed, then allow us to shoot all those hopes down.

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According to Apple’s official support page for the battery pack, MagSafe charging speeds are limited to just 5W on the go. But, if you plug the battery pack with a 20W adapter then those charging speeds dramatically jump to 15W.

From Apple:

When charging on the go, your MagSafe Battery Pack can charge your iPhone with up to 5W of power. If connected to a 20W or higher power source, it can charge with up to 15W of power.

If you were hoping lightning fast charges with the battery pack, then this product might not just be for you. In fact, the bigger the iPhone you have, such as the Pro Max, the more slower speeds you will experience. Something like an iPhone 12 mini might take more advantage of this product.

But hey, look at the convenience you get with this. Just snap it on and you’re charging instantly!

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