Official MagSafe Battery Pack Launches for iPhone 12 Lineup, Priced at $99


Apple today has introduced a new MagSafe Battery Pack which is now available to purchase through Apple. This battery pack is designed to work with iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max and will also require iOS 14.7 to fully function.

For those wondering, the new MagSafe Battery Pack attaches magnetically to the back of the iPhone 12 model with the help of strong magnets, and it is available in white color only. It appears that Apple is using silicone coating to ensure that the cover is not slippery, and it only offers a measly 1,460 mAh of capacity, which is only a partial charge for some of the iPhone 12 models.

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Apple's MagSafe Battery Pack is a Compact Powerbank for Your iPhone 12 with a Hefty Price Tag

The good thing is that the MagSafe Battery Pack and the iPhone can be charged simultaneously. Apple has mentioned that the Lightning cable can be plugged into the MagSafe Battery Pack for up to 15-watt of wireless charging, and with a 20-watt charger, the MagSafe Battery Pack and the iPhone will charge even faster. Apple has recommended using a 20-watt or higher USB-C power adapter and USB-C to Lightning Cable for charging the battery pack.

Additionally, if you take a look at the support document for the battery pack, Apple has mentioned that you will need iOS 14.7 or later to use the accessory, and you can even view the charging status on the home screen or in the Today View with battery widgets.

Apple has also mentioned that your iPhone may get slightly warm during the charging. To extend the lifespan, if it is too warm, the software might limit charging above 80 percent, with the iPhone resuming charging as soon as it cools down. A charge management feature helps ensure that the battery health is handled properly when the MagSafe Battery Pack is connected to the power for longer periods of time and with Optimized Battery Charging turned on, users will be given a notification on the lock screen that will let them know when their iPhone is fully charged. Users can also tap on the notification and choose "Charge Now," which will force a charge.

The MagSafe Battery Pack is priced at $99 and will start delivering to customers on July 20th. You can order yours from here.