Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack Starts Arriving for Customers – Here’s How Thick the New Accessory Is

Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack Starts Arriving for Customers - Here’s How Thick the New Accessory Is

Apple introduced its MagSafe Battery Pack for $99, with the charging accessory compatible with the entire iPhone 12 lineup. If you were concerned about its overall size and thickness, one customer has received his, has posted images of the product, and provided his initial thoughts.

Customer Says Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack Has a Strong Magnet, Implying That It Will Not Fall off When Attached to the iPhone 12

According to Reddit user stevnrussell, the MagSafe Battery Pack has a decent build quality while also stating that the magnet is strong. Since it only comes in white, stevnrussell mentions that its color would go nicely with a silicone case in the exact same finish as the images that he has posted below. He also posted on what he thinks about the MagSafe Battery Pack.

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“Initial thoughts on Apple MagSafe Battery Pack:

smooth hard plastic. Not silicone like I assumed. Feel like it might hold up better.

magnet is STRONG. I can see where this would be an issue with leather cases & the circular imprint.

perfect combo w/ white silicone case.”

He mentions that attaching the accessory to the iPhone 12 Pro adds some weight to it, but since the MagSafe Battery Pack has rounded corners, it is comfortable to grip. In terms of thickness, the portable battery pack is barely thicker than the iPhone 12 Pro with the silicone case attached, so it is not like customers will experience unnecessary bulk added to their smartphone while it is in use.

However, given the capacity of the MagSafe Battery Pack, we recommend the accessory is used when your iPhone enters dangerously low charging territory. Given the size of the product, it is not meant to fully charge a smartphone. According to Apple, the battery pack is able to wirelessly charge the iPhone at up to 5W on the go or at up to 15W when the battery pack is connected to a 20W or higher power adapter with a Lightning to USB-C cable.

If you wish to learn more about the MagSafe Battery Pack below, we have posted additional coverage below, so make sure you check those out before embarking on your purchase.

News Source: Reddit

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