Mafia 3 Is Now Free to Play and 75% Off on Steam Until May 7th


Mafia 3, the third chapter in the mobster-themed franchise, is now free to play on Steam until May 7th. The game already had a demo, but with this trial, you're free to play without limitations until that date.

Alongside the trial, there's also a 75% discount valid until May 7th. However, none of the DLCs released for Mafia 3 are discounted, so you'd have to purchase those at full price if you wanted to play them.

Mafia III: Definitive Edition Actually Removes Xbox One X and PS4 Pro Enhancements

Launched in October 2016, Mafia 3 wasn't quite a runaway success, having been criticized for its technical issues and repetitive gameplay. That said, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick revealed it was the fastest-selling game in 2K's history at its release, with sell-in of over 4.5 million units in the first week alone.

You'd think that would warrant a sequel, but this doesn't seem to be actually the case given that developer Hangar 13 confirmed to be working on an original IP (which could be revealed later this year).

At any rate, Mafia 3 might be about to get a Definitive Edition alongside its predecessor Mafia 2, at least according to leaked ratings from Taiwan and South Korea. We don't really know what that would entail, but if we had to guess based on recent trends, it could come with all DLCs packed in and perhaps some sort of graphical remaster.

Meanwhile, you can always use Pascal Gilcher's Ray Tracing Global Illumination (RTGI) shader to make it look far better than the vanilla game, as showcased in the video below.