Mafia Remake Officially Detailed, Mafia II and Mafia III Definitive Editions Available Now

Nathan Birch
Mafia: Definitive Edition

Last week 2K Games officially announced a return to organized crime with Mafia: Trilogy, but didn’t provide much information beyond a quick teaser trailer. The fact that original Mafia is getting a full remake and some pricing details have leaked, but questions remained. Thankfully, 2K has fully pulled the curtain back on the Definitive Editions of Mafia, Mafia II, and Mafia III, the latter two of which are available right now! Check out some new trailers for the games, below.

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As mentioned, Mafia: Definitive Edition is a full remake, while Mafia II is a 4K remaster, and Mafia III is basically just a GOTY edition (no enhancements, but you get all the DLC). Those who own Mafia II on Steam will get the Definitive Edition upgrade for free, while anybody who owns Mafia III on Steam, Xbox One, or PS4 will also get the Definitive Edition for free.

As for the Mafia remake, it isn’t just a visual overhaul – it expands the game’s story, adds new features, and more. Here are the details:

Mafia: Definitive Edition – the centerpiece of Mafia: Trilogy – is a comprehensive, rebuilt-from-the-ground-up remake of the original Mafia, complete with an updated script filled with rich new dialogue, expanded backstories, and additional cutscenes; all-new gameplay sequences and features; the same stellar game engine that powered Mafia III’s best-in-class cinematics; and other enhancements. It’s the Mafia players remember, only much more.

Those who pre-order Mafia: Trilogy or buy Mafia: DE on its own get the following bonuses:

  • Exclusive Player Outfit: The Don
  • Exclusive Vehicle: Smith V12 Limousine
  • Exclusive Weapon Skin: Gold Semi-Automatic

Sign up for a 2K Account and you’ll also get the following goodies:

  • Mafia: Definitive Edition: Black Cats Motorcycle Pack
  • Mafia II: Definitive Edition: Made Man Pack
  • Mafia III: Definitive Edition: Classico Three-piece Suit & IL Duca Revolver

You can buy Mafia: Trilogy now on PC (via Steam), Xbox One, and PS4, which will get you immediate access to Mafia II: Definitive Edition and Mafia III: Definitive Edition. Mafia: Definitive Edition will be available on August 28 alongside a physical edition of Mafia: Trilogy. All three games can also be purchased individually. Mafia II and Mafia III will be coming to Stadia and the Epic Games Store at a later date. Mafia: DE will cost you $40, Mafia II and Mafia III will set you back $30, while Mafia: Trilogy is $60, obviously representing by far the best deal. Pre-orders are open now.

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