With the Touch Bar Removed on M1X MacBook Pro Models, the ESC, F1-F12 Keys to Feature Same Width as Other Buttons

Omar Sohail
With the Touch Bar Removed on M1X MacBook Pro Models, the ESC, F1-F12 Keys to Feature Same Width as Other Buttons

Love it, or hate it, Apple has been reported multiple times to remove the Touch Bar on the redesigned M1X MacBook Pro models, bringing back the physical function row keys in the process. According to one tipster, one change arriving to these keys is that they will have the same width as the remaining ones on the top deck.

Having Function Row Keys of the Same Width Will Likely Reduce Errors While Rapidly Typing

In case you were not keeping track of Apple’s rumored plans, the M1X MacBook Pro models will comprise of a 14-inch and 16-inch variant. Regardless of the size, the ESC and F1-F12 function row keys will no longer sport a narrow form factor, according to tipster DuanRui, who pointed out this little tidbit on Twitter. Given Apple’s extra focus on the little details, the increase in the size of the function row keys could eliminate accidental key presses when you are locating a specific key at the top.

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One may argue that increasing the width of the ESC and F1-F12 keys may result in a higher frequency of accidental presses because all of them look the same, but that is why Apple has included a backlit feature, which has been present on portable Macs and Windows-powered notebooks for a significantly long period. We will have to see the actual products to confirm this change, but if it materializes, it should be a welcome change for those that have not been accustomed to the Touch Bar since day one.

Another advantage of replacing the Touch Bar on the M1X MacBook Pro models with a physical function key row is improvement in battery life. Without a secondary display, less strain will be put on the battery, and the custom chipset, which according to app log details, will be available in two variants called the M1 Pro and M1 Max, should provide extended endurance, which should make a lot of future customers filled with joy.

Other changes arriving for the M1X MacBook Pro lineup are a mini-LED screen that supports up to a 120Hz refresh rate, a slew of different ports, a MagSafe charger, and potentially a notch. We will find out later today, so stay tuned for our coverage, and if you want to keep track of Apple’s announcements, you can check here to see when the event will start according to your time zone.

News Source: DuanRui

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