Apple Will Potentially Secure 80 Percent of ARM-based Laptop Market This Year

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Apple ARM Laptop Market Share

Apple is gradually picking up the pace to transition from Intel-based processors to its in-house M-series chips. The company's lineup includes the M1-powered MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, and Mac mini, and its plans are to completely move away from Intel in the near future. Moreover, we are expecting Apple to release the M1X MacBook Pro models next week as part of its transition. Research shows that Apple is rapidly dominating the ARM-based laptop market with its custom silicon, allowing the company to secure a major portion of the market this year.

Apple Anticipated to Score As Much as 80 Percent of the ARM-Based Laptop Market in 2021

According to the research firm Strategy Analytics, the ARM market is growing rapidly. Apple is a major player and the reason for the segment's growth in the laptop market. The research firm notes that Apple will take away a major chunk of the ARM-based laptop market in 2021. All in all, the Cupertino giant will earn as much as 79 percent of the market this year.

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Take note that Apple's M1 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models are immensely popular along with the M1 iMac which allowed it to secure a major portion of the ARM laptop market in 2021. With the new M1X MacBook Pro models, Apple will continue to dominate the industry as the laptops are expected to come with a major redesign with a new M1X processor, and better displays. This year's release will allow Apple to further increase its share. The market is said to grow three-fold to $949 million in 2021.

Apple ARM Laptop Market SHare

MediaTek takes the second spot with 18 percent of the market and Qualcomm rests at third with just 3 percent of the ARM-based laptop market in 2021. It can be seen that Apple is well ahead of the competition and the gap will potentially get wider after Apple's 'Unleashed' event on Monday, October 18. The company is expected to announce the new M1X MacBook Pro models and the redesigned AirPods.

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