LTPO Displays May Arrive for Future iPhones, Giving Them Better Battery Life & an ‘Always on Display’ Mode

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LTPO Displays for iPhones to Bring Improved Battery Life, Always on Display Mode

With the exception of the Apple Watch Series 5, no other product from the company natively features an ‘Always on Display’. Fortunately, that might change thanks to the possibility of bringing LTPO displays for iPhones. According to a fresh report, apart from launching all major iPhone models with OLED screens, Apple is also expected to introduce LTPO screen tech for such handsets.

LTPO Displays for iPhones Can Switch off Individual Pixels, Bringing in a Native ‘Always on Display’ Feature for Future Models

If the report from The Elec is to be believed, low-temperature polycrystalline oxide or LTPO could be used for future iPhones. The technology will feature a low-power backplane and it will be able to turn off individual pixels depending on the various colors displaying on the screen. As a reminder, Apple claims that both the Series 4 and Series 5, both of which use LTPO technology, can provide up to an 18-hour battery life, despite the latter sporting an ‘Always on Display’ feature.

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LTPO displays for iPhones should be able to use up to 15 percent less power than LTPS, or low-temperature polysilicon, which is the technology Apple currently uses in a variety of products. With the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max already sporting impressive battery, the presence of LTPO technology will enable customers to enjoy future iPhone models even more for stuff like media consumption as well as the convenience of not having to plug in their devices frequently.

If you think about it, LTPO displays for iPhones is a huge possibility and here’s why. Before Apple introduced its first OLED-based iPhone, the iPhone X back in 2017, the display tech was used in the company’s first Apple Watch, released way back in 2015. It’s possible Apple continues to use its Apple Watch range as sort of a testing phase for newer and more efficient technologies, before bringing it to its most popular product range, the iPhone family. Seeing as how LTPO technology has existed in the Apple Watch for two generations now, we’ll be thrilled to see it in the iPhone 12 next year, which is also rumored to be the first series from the California-based giant to ship with 5G modems.

The report doesn’t state an exact timeline for when LTPO displays for iPhones will arrive, but let us keep our fingers crossed for 2020. So, better battery life and a native ‘Always on Display’ for the iPhone 12 family? Who wouldn’t want that?

News Source: The Elec

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