iPhone 14 Pro Could Use Upgraded LTPO Screens Potentially For Always-On Functionality


The iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro models were Apple's first flagship smartphones with a variable 120Hz ProMotion display. We are expecting the iPhone 14 Pro models to come with the same high-refresh-rate panels but with a broader variable refresh rate spectrum. This could give Apple room to introduce an Always-On display on the iPhone 14 Pro models. Scroll down to read more details on the subject.

Apple Could Use LTPO Displays on iPhone 14 Pro With Refresh Rate That Can Drop as Low as 1Hz, Paving Way For Always-On Functionality

Apple used an LTPO panel on the iPhone 13 Pro models to bring variable refresh rates to the table. This allowed the smartphone to preserve battery life and offer enhanced battery life. On the current flagships, the ProMotion display offers a refresh rate between 10Hz and 120Hz. In contrast, Samsung and Oppo use LTPO displays that can drop as low as 1Hz when the screen is left idle.

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Analyst Ross Young is expecting that the ProMotion on iPhone 14 Pro models could drop the refresh rates to as low as 1Hz with an upgraded panel, giving room for Always-On functionality. However, it depends on Apple if it sees fit to add the feature on its forthcoming iPhone 14 Pro models. Since the standard iPhone 14 models are expected to stick to a 60Hz refresh rate without an LTPO panel, the Always-On feature is out of the question.

iPhone 14 Pro to feature always-on display

The addition of an Always-On display would allow the iPhone to show date and time along with notifications on lock screen when the phone is not being used. Apple also uses an LTPO display on the Apple Watch Series 7 that allows the wearable to have 18-hours of battery life. Android phones have used an Always-On display for a long time and it is about time Apple brings it to the iPhone.

This is all there is to it, folks. Do you think Apple will bring an Always-On display with the launch of the iPhone 14 Pro models? Share your valuable insights with us in the comments section below.