Kingdom Come Deliverance May Not Get HDR Support After Launch; Day One Patch Confirmed And More

Kingdom Come Deliverance

Kingdom Come Deliverance, the first person RPG developed by Warhorse Studios, is getting closer to release and today, members of the development took part in a Reddit Ask Me Anything, revealing some additional details on the game.

For some time, we have known that Kingdom Come Deliverance will release without HDR support at launch. Sadly, it seems like it may never be added, as the team has no plans for a post-launch introduction.

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Would you consider adding HDR in later updates for the console versions? I want to explore the ultra realistic forests with proper colors and lighting.

No, this isn´t planned yet.

The game, thankfully, already looks great even without HDR, and it seems like players may be able to take some artistic screenshots through a Photo Mode that may be introduced after release.

The game is looking great graphically, looking forward to seeing even more of the architecture and scenery. Is there or are there any plans for a photo mode?

maybe after release!

Kingdom Come Deliverance is also going to get plenty of post-launch support. A Day One update has been confirmed, and the team is going to develop DLC for the game, which will be detailed at a later time.

What are your post launch plans? In regards to patches, additional content and a potential franchise?

Have you guys thought of a multiplayer component with 1v1 duels between players?

If there's something you want players to take away from playing this game, what would it be?

We will be supporting Kingdom Come: Deliverance for a long time. We have actually discussed our desire to make another game to the public. There will be a day one patch. We will have DLC, so stay tuned! Our game is one of the most immersive games you will every play. It's a very story-driven game with over 4 hours of cutscenes and several will only be unlocked based on the choices that you make. Our combat is very intense and unique as we had professional fencers who worked with us at our MoCap studio, so the animations are great and the combat is very fun!!!!

Lastly, the team is likely going to be supporting the modding community in some way, which will be discussed after the game launches.

Will this game be open to modding community? If not at launch perhaps at later stage?

We will definitely be discussing modding after release. Thank you for the kind words. Dan is the man!

Kingdom Come Deliverance launches on February 13th on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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